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How can derma roller improve my skin?

Aged skin produces less collagen resulting to appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, creases, folds and furrows. Acne scars occur when inflamed pimple damages the skin collagen. Stretch marks appear when the dermis is continuously stretched & the collagen fibers that allow skin to stretch break down. Cellulite worsens as the skin age, become thinner and loses collagen. Each derma roller contains sterilized surgical needles. When rolled lightly over the skin, thousands of tiny prick marks are made which, as they heal encourage the production of collagen, the skin’s natural protein. The new collagen produced starts moving upward towards the skin surface. The production is increased and becomes evenly spread in the skin resulting to a smoother texture, smaller pore size, reduced scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Regular derma roller sessions help to encourage an on-going healing process. Some patients have noticeable skin rejuvenation results within 7-10 days after the first treatment. 


How do I know it is the right needle size for me?

This chart will guide you in choosing the ideal or suitable needle length for your skin condition.

Which of the derma roller brands are used by the professionals?

ELIMISCAR™ is a derma roller brand originally manufactured for professional or clinic use. It is the brand that most dermatologists and licensed aestheticians use. They are sterilized and assembled with extreme care, with medical grade stainless steel needles. It is highly indicated for correcting or treating the following skin problems: aging, hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, scars, large pore size, cellulite and stretchmarks.

My face is so red, is this normal?

Don't be alarmed, it is NORMAL. you should expect the following to take place:

What causes skin aging & how can derma roller be an anti-aging solution?

Your skin quality is a very visible reminder of aging process. As it ages there comes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots ang sagging areas of flesh. These signs of aging are more noticeable:

  • around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • across the forehead
  • corners of the mouth (laugh lines)
  • under the eyes (eye bags)

Aging is a continuous process that normally begins in our mid-20s. Within the skin, collagen production slows, and elastin, the substance that enables skin to snap back into place, has a bit less spring. Dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly. 

Also, a number of extrinsic, or external, factors often act together with the normal aging process to prematurely age our skin. Most premature aging is caused by sun exposure. Without protection from the sun’s rays, just a few minutes of exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable changes to the skin. Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, fine wrinkles that disappear when stretched, loose skin, a blotchy complexion, actinic keratoses (thick wart-like, rough, reddish patches of skin), and skin cancer can all be traced to sun exposure. Other external factors that prematurely age our skin are repetitive facial expressions, gravity, sleeping positions, and smoking. 

While it is true that many of us would give anything to preserve youth but it remains a fact that ageing is a part of life cycle that cannot be helped. Scientific research in the field of anti-aging continues to give rise to new and promising treatment options and one of which is derma roller.



How should I use the dermaroller?

Step 1: CLEAN. Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a cleansing product suited for your skin type.

 Step 2: ROLL. Choose the appropriate Derma Roller that fits the treatment of specific skin problem. Be sure to check if there are damages in the packaging before unsealing the product. There’s no need to sterilize the roller for first time use. For the succeeding sessions, make sure the roller is disinfected prior to use. Pull the skin lightly with the non-dominant hand, carefully not touching the roller head while rolling. Start rolling in one direction from left to right, top to bottom, and diagonal. Be careful not to put too much pressure in one direction especially on the eye areas and cheekbones.


Step 3: SOLUTION. Apply the appropriate essence for the treatment evenly on the target area. The multiple holes created by needling will help the active substance to penetrate the skin even better. Leave it for about 10 minutes for better absorption.

Step 4: MOISTURIZE & SOOTHE. Apply a soothing and moisturizing product or a facial mask onto the stimulated areas to reduce redness and relieve the stinging sensation of the skin. It is highly recommended to continue applying generous amount of moisturizer such as Hyaluronic Acid Essence or Pure Collagen Essence, twice daily on the skin even after the treatment.